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Hi Folks,

We are revamping this web site using WordPress, so bear with us as we restore content that has been missing for a while

This will be the place for a range of family information on the Altabets and Gabays (and Levys) on Robert's side and the Katzes and Levys on Marcia's side. By the way,we just finished fixing up the business site (check it out, ).

These page are primarily to family, family history, our Jewish and particularly Sephardic traditions (including Ladino poetry and stories).

The latest updates are in the "Family Stories" section with a range of material from thoughts to autobiography from my Uncle Albert Altabet. There are fascinating insights into growing  up in New York City during World War II.

There will also be material for the Gabay-Levy side of the family, including  family recipes and more to come. Still in planning are posts digitized versions of old 78s purchased by my grandfather at the Balkan Phonograph Record store on Rivington street during the 1930s and 1940s.

Other: An MP3 of me singing Quien Supiense (Chad Gadya in Ladino)

We have added a fair amount of new content since the original and the Haggadah has been several times based on participant comments, most recently version 7 for 2009/5769. . By the way, putting together your own Haggadah is a great way to get the participants involved.  I get more involvement from "the critics" than I ever did before.

For anyone who has ever pondered the mysteries of the curative powers of the folk remedy “mumya” click this link: Mumya. My grandmother (and my mother-in-law) talked about Mumya as a miracle cure, but neither would ever tell us anything about it.

I’ll set up a contact page shortly

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